The evolution of the FILIPH system interprets different aesthetic tastes, enriched by a new version characterised by supreme lightness and formal balance. Backs can be conveniently moved along the large island which appears suspended and transforms to adapt to interiors and personal comfort requirements, from a compact sofa into a double-faced chaise longue.

Spaciou s seats, available in a variety of depths, appear suspended and airy, thanks to the original glide base designed to blend and remain hidden from most angles. Innovative seating materials (MEMOSOFF) complete the base’s look, conferring softness, comfort and order.

New trapezoid shapes of the bases are placed side by side and create dynamic and functional spaces. The bases are symmetrical, invertible and can also be combined with linear elements. A new movable backrest folded and can accommodate two people and creates a nice game of volumes with the bases.

The luminous Filiph tables draw the tissues, enhancing colors and textures. A hidden Led system creates new and unexpected atmospheres of light scenes.