Turning SOFA inside out

Turning SOFA inside out


The innovative HI-TEX microfiber revolutionises the comfort, support and microclimate in the seats and backrest of the sofa. HI-TEX is a ductile product having excellent elasticity and stability. HI-TEX is soft, comfortable, lightweight, fireproof, breathable, odourless and environmentally friendly.


The tailoring comes from extensive research into tradition, materials and craftsmanship. The culture of upholstery can be seen in the details, piping stitching and the grosgrain.


Each of our padded components is studied in density, shape and elasticity to give comfort and resistance over time. We select over 20 different types of polyurethane foams, which are skilfully blended with different densities for each and every sofa project.


The latest generation of exclusive polyurethane foams, such as microcellular foam with open cell “SOFF”, provide new levels of comfort and breathability while maintaining excellent strength and elasticity.


Only “pure goose” feathers, a blend of feathers and down, the meticulous selection of whole, unbroken feathers, a guarantee of the origin and treatment of the product to the highest standards and the cushions’ special high tensile fabric is worthy of the “Gold label” ASSOPIUMA®.


Every day we test each component of your sofa to ensure it satisfies your expectations of quality and sophistication. From Italian threads to the original Velcro®, we follow trends by studying the very best technology has to offer.


Removable covers means creating perfect products on top of and under the lining, where every detail is well designed and expertly finished to allow you to change design and colourway whenever the mood takes you: limitless.