Exploded view of quality


Real wood, solid wood and plywood, our sofa frames are made from the best European species. FSC and E1 - E0 class certification for our wood and plywood guarantee responsible forest management and that environmental requirements of the most stringent international regulations are met.


Every one of our product components is designed using the most innovative CAD software. The structure and padding is processed or weighed using numerically controlled machines in order to ensure each product is precisely accurate.


The bases and feet are designed and produced in the Brianza industrial area: from the castings and coatings to the solid wood production; ensuring continued support over time.


Our sofas suspension plans with new generation unidirectional elastic belts with high rubber content which provide exceptionally smooth, lasting comfort.


The continuous pursuit of detail is also used in the smallest components: choosing the very best hardware confirms the very best of ‘Made in Italy’ quality.


Every product process is carried out and controlled in Italy: from the production of the moulds to the mixture of feathers, all with the highest precision and quality standards.


Our strength is understanding how to make wood and metal coexist in our products, expertly blending them to provide strength and flexibility.